Video Credit: Ira Gardner

Why do I teach? Everyone is capable of expressing themselves though music. The process of learning a musical instrument inspires the development of personal qualities inherent to a fulfilling life. Habits like patience, self acceptance, discipline, confidence, and perseverance. I love to help people to grow!

How do I teach? With focus, organization, lots of flexibility in what kind of music we work on together, open and direct communication plenty of in depth analysis and resolution of arising opportunities for improvement, and all with a goofy and animated personality!

Who do I teach? Students of all levels of experience and ages 6-74 or greater! People with no musical experience or background, students in band, those preparing for solo and ensemble, upcoming competition or performance, people interested in auditioning for college music schools, people who played a long time ago and want to get back into it.

What do I teach? A solid foundation of the physical, intellectual, and emotional components of music making. In addition to effective techniques for playing the flute and explorations of it’s vast repertoire, my curriculum includes fundamentals of music theory, and aural skills. Whether you’re studying as a hobby, extracurricular activity, or to be a pro one day, I’m on it! Let’s get started.